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Experienced & Reliable Las Vegas Bed Bug Extermination

A good night’s rest is key to success throughout the day; but nothing disrupts your beauty sleep faster than a bed bug infestation. You don’t have to suffer from bed bugs any longer! Our bed bug treatment will provide you with quick relief and lasting results that can have your home bed bug free in no time!

Professional Bed Bug Treatments in Nevada

Getting rid of bed bugs quickly and efficiently often requires professional help. Due to their resilience and sneakiness, bed bugs are one of the most difficult pests to eliminate. We are bed bug treatment experts, and take additional steps to keep them out for good. Our treatment in Nevada include: 

  • Comprehensive preparation checklist
  • Floor treatments
  • Aerosol and liquid treatments
  • Hot spot treatments
  • Preventative measures
  • Bed bug encasements for mattresses and box-springs 

Bed Bugs in Las Vegas

In the past two decades, bed bugs have reappeared in the country thanks to increased domestic and international travels, and resistance to a variety of pesticides. They have rapidly become the scourge of homeowners, property managers, hoteliers and hospices. 

Las Vegas is one of the most bedbug-infested cities in the country. This is probably because of its extremely transient population with travellers visiting from all over the globe. Hoteliers, property managers and residents of Las Vegas need to be highly alert for any sign of bed bugs infestation.

bed bugs in las vegas

The first move in identifying and controlling bed bugs is being aware of what to look for. Several bugs resemble bed bugs, so an accurate identification is a crucial first step to preventing loss of resources in treating the wrong bug. Las Vegas bed bugs have the following physical characteristics:

  • Flat, oval, rusty brown body with front wing measuring 1/3” in length
  • They have prominent antennae
  • Small hairs on the abdomen that create a striped appearance
  • The abdomen becomes temporarily bright red after feeding on blood

Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

Bed bugs are annoying and harmful. They hitchhike into new places in luggage or on clothing and can breed very quickly. If you see any sign of bed bugs, it is essential to treat promptly. If left untreated, they will increase rapidly and will become difficult to eliminate. Signs that you have bed bugs include:

  • Itchy, red bumps all over the skin is a sign of bed bugs bites
  • Blood stains on your pillowcases and sheets
  • Bed bugs shed skins on bed sheets or the floor

If you notice any of any of above signs, contact Las Vegas pest control for the best bed bug treatment services. 

Bed Bug Life Cycle

If you have discovered bed bugs in your home, then you are probably eager to get rid of them quickly and cheaply as possible. However, it is essential to learn about bed bug life cycle to fully understand what you are fighting. If you discover several bed bugs generations in your home, it could be a sign that the bed bugs have been around for a while. Such information would be essential to an exterminator because it indicates the severity of the situation. 

Bed bugs life cycle stages:

Eggs: The life of a bed bug begins in the egg. Eggs are milky white. Female bed bugs can produce up to five eggs daily.

Nymphs: Nymphs are immature bed bugs. They go through five developmental stages before maturing. Don’t be fooled though, baby bed bugs can and will bite you as easily as adult bed bugs. Nymphs require one blood meal to develop to the next stage. 

Adult bed bugs: Nymphs take around five weeks to reach maturity. At this stage, they can breed. Adult bed bugs feed more frequently, usually once every week. Bed bugs can live longer than nine months with a good source of food and favorable environmental conditions. 

Las Vegas Bed Bug Behavior

Bed bugs are Cimicidae, a family of insects that exclusively feed on blood. They require blood to develop and reproduce. Among the species in this family of insects, bed bugs are the most adapted to living with humans. They enter a home using furniture, clothing, luggage, and other items exposed to bed bugs.

las vegas bed bug treatment

They are nocturnal insects, and their lifestyle is perplexing. Before occupants of an infested structure discover the first bed bug, most likely the bugs have been there for weeks or probably months. They reside in cracks associated with bed frames, box springs, headboards, clothing, mattresses and linens. 

They may, however, disperse away from the bed and can live beneath carpeting, floorboards, behind picture frames, couches, under decorative mouldings, e.t.c. There is effectively no crack that is too small for bed bugs to occupy. They emerge from these secluded cracks at night to feed by piercing their victims’ skin using their beaks to draw blood.

Get Relief from Bed Bugs in Hours, Not Days

When you have bed bugs infesting your home, the last thing you want to do is wait around for treatment. At Las Vegas Pest Control, our bed bug treatments give you relief from these parasites in hours, not days! Our treatments usually take between 4 and 8 hours to complete and leave your home bed bug free in one treatment! 

Customized Bed Bug Treatments in Nevada Provide Lasting Results

Every bed bug infestation is different, which is why we don’t use cookie-cutter treatments here at Las Vegas Pest Control. Instead, we thoroughly inspect your home and provide treatment options to match the extent of your infestation and budget. Our technicians will also help walk you through after-treatment steps to prevent another infestation.

Highly-Trained Techs Get Bugs Out Fast

Infestations aren’t something to take lightly. Our Nevada bed bug exterminators undergo continuing education to ensure they are up to speed on the latest bed bug treatment techniques, and we equip our technicians with the most updated technology. The result of all this training is exceptional service for you, and eviction of all your bed bugs!

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed

We have been taking care of bed bugs in the Nevada Valley for years, and we know all the top industry techniques to getting rid of these bugs for good. We are so confident that you will love our services that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We promise that you will love your bed bug treatments, or we will return and retreat your home free.

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