Both the office staff and the Technician that treated my home were very friendly and made sure I was aware of all the procedures and that it will take time to rid my home of the pest problem I’m having.

Terri & Jero Solis

Absolutely great company and they really do keep keep the bugs away. Office staff is nice and extremely pleasant to talk with. The guys that come to house are very nice and always concerned if I am having any problems.

Jo Hull

I have been using Las Vegas Pest Control for many years now. I am completely happy with the work they do. Just recently I spotted ants in the kitchen and bathrooms. Don’t know how they got in, but I immediately called Las Vegas Pest Control and told them my concern.

Cathie France

These guys are fantastic! I have been using them for 4 years now and have always gotten the absolute BEST service. I always feel comfortable with their guys in and around our home. My daughter is a chatty Kathy, and they never hesitate to be kind and give her a minute or two out of their day. We absolutely love them. I recommend them every chance I get.

Anna Byington