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Las Vegas, NV Pest Control

An aerial view of the Bellagio Fountain and the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas in Las Vegas, NV.
The Bellagio Fountain and the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas.

As one of the largest cities in the greater Mojave Desert, Las Vegas, NV, is a glittering Oasis where thousands travel every year in hopes of striking it big. For residents, life in Vegas is shopping, dinners with friends, and the occasional visit to one of the popular casinos on the strip. Many people get lucky in Vegas, but one thing homes and businesses will ever get lucky with is avoiding pests. 

If your home or business is fending off pests, call the pest control technicians at Las Vegas Pest to help! Count on us to find the source of your pest problems and develop a targeted approach to send pests packing.  

Residential and Commercial Pest Control in Las Vegas, NV

Pests can be beneficial in nature, but once they infiltrate your home or business, they’re nothing but trouble. For Las Vegas business owners especially, they can even jeopardize the reputation of a restaurant or store. Whether you’re dealing with rodents in the walls or cockroaches in your kitchen, Las Vegas Pest offers comprehensive pest treatment services for the following pests and wildlife:

Las Vegas Rodent Control

There’s nothing more unsettling than finding evidence of a rat or mouse in your Las Vegas home. Luckily, the experts at Las Vegas Pest have the expertise and experience you need. One of our certified technicians will inspect your home for rodents and develop a treatment plan to keep those furry fiends from contaminating your food and chewing your home to oblivion. Contact our team and learn how we can solve your rodent issue.

Scorpion Control in Las Vegas

Scorpions are a common and alarming sight around Las Vegas. Armed with venom-filled stingers, scorpions aren’t pests you want hanging around your home. They’re especially a concern if you have pets or young children. A scorpion sting may cause discomfort in healthy adults, but it can be catastrophic for children, pets, and the elderly.

At Las Vegas Pest, our pest control technicians can help you find where scorpions may be hiding and develop a treatment plan to manage them and give you peace of mind. 

Request Your Free Las Vegas Pest Control Quote Today

Keep ants from storming your restaurant’s kitchen and bed bugs from cuddling up with you at night and choose Las Vegas Pest as your trusted pest control provider. Get back to enjoying all that Las Vegas has to offer with Las Vegas Pest Control Give us a call to receive your free estimate or schedule your appointment online today!  

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