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A man wearing gloves fits a christmas tree into its base

Watch out for Christmas Tree Bugs

As the holiday season swings into full gear, you have mistletoe, sugar cookies, Santa, and presents on the brain. But one thing you might not be planning for this year are Christmas tree bugs.  Whether this is your first year with a real Christmas tree or you’ve decorated one your entire life, Christmas tree bugs …

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A trio of pigeons on a roof

Why Bird Control is Necessary

Birds are often an afterthought until they get in the way of your home and business. Explore why bird control is necessary.

Termites in front of a white background

Do Termites Hibernate in the Fall?

Termites are active year-round, and yes, that means even in the fall. Here are some tips and information about these pesky little wood chewers.

A close-up picture of a carpenter ant's head, with black pincers and red antennae showing

Do Carpenter Ants Bite?

Though you may tend to think of ants as just a pest you might encounter on a picnic or a day at the park, the truth is that ants can still be harmful to you and your home—especially carpenter ants. The two main problems that carpenter ants cause are property damage and bites.  Do Carpenter Ants …

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