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Our pest control company is here to make sure no bees threaten you, your family, or your business.

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Bee Removal & Control in Las Vegas

Bees pollinate plants, including most of the fruits and vegetables we eat, as well as trees and flowers essential for wildlife. This makes them an integral part of the ecosystem. That’s why it’s vital to create bee-safe communities, but it’s not always possible.

Sometimes, bees may build their hive too close to your house or your business, and this is something that can’t be ignored. Bees are incredibly protective of their homes, so they may attack anybody who approaches it. No one wants to be bombarded by bees, especially since allergies to insect stings are common. Several species of bees, as well as wasps, are present in the area of Las Vegas.

Fortunately, there is a simple solution for safely removing bee hives—Las Vegas Pest Control. Call us today for bee removal services in the Las Vegas area. Our pest control company is here to make sure no bees threaten you, your family, or your business.

Where do you provide your services?

We offer our high-quality pest control services in North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City. Contact us today to get started with a free consultation. We also offer same-day services for urgent situations. We’re a team of experienced Las Vegas beekeepers who will help you to make your home or business safe.

Reliable Bee Removal Services in Las Vegas, NV

bee hive removal service in nevada

We are a trustworthy Las Vegas pest control company offering a 100% service guarantee. We use all the necessary tools and proven techniques to make sure that your property stays pest-free. Our team consists of well-trained experts who know what’s needed to remove bees that pose a threat and how to save those that are beneficial to the environment (such as honey bees). It’s harmless for you, your family or your clients, and even for your pets.

Our Las Vegas Bee Removal Solutions

Not everyone realizes that there are several types of bees. The removal techniques may vary depending on the type, as well as on the size of the nest and its exact location. But you don’t have to worry; we are prepared for all variants.

Our experts always use the most effective bee removal process. We begin with the inspection of your property. Once we determine the type of bees, we look for their hive. That needs to be removed, or the bees will keep returning. There may be more than one hive, but our thorough inspection allows us to find them all and make sure you won’t be bothered in the future. We also locate and close all the possible entry points to prevent re-entry.

Most bees aren’t aggressive. They won’t sting unless they think it’s absolutely necessary, because bees die when they lose their stingers. Wasps are more aggressive, as their stingers remain attached to their bodies. However, you should avoid all of them. If you regularly spot more than one bee on your property, contact Las Vegas Pest Control immediately.

Africanized Honey Bees

They have black stripes, but are generally more brownish. This species is known to be more aggressive than regular bees, hence their nickname — Killer Bees. They build their nests in various places, such as garages, sheds, or lumber piles, and they protect them vigorously. That’s why they probably are the most dangerous of all bees found in the Las Vegas area. The only thing to do is to call Las Vegas Pest Control.


Many people are afraid of bumblebees because they are much bigger than regular honey bees, but they are also lazier, clumsier, and calmer. Relatively non-aggressive, they won’t sting unless they are attacked, so it rarely happens. Their hive should only be removed if there’s a danger to someone’s health or life, e.g. the threat of allergic reaction. When it comes to bumblebees, pest control professionals try to relocate the hive, as they are crucial for the ecosystem.

Carpenter Bees

Carpenter bees may seem dangerous because they look similar to bumblebees, but they are also entirely harmless. They don’t build hives and live rather solitary lives. The only reason to call pest control services on them is the damage they can do to porches and wooden structures where they lay eggs.


European hornets are hard to be mistaken for bees, as they are more reddish, but their behaviors are similar. They aren’t very aggressive, but they can get protective of their hives, so if it’s too close to your house or your business, it needs to be removed.

Bald-faced hornets, on the other hand, are black (hence their nickname — black jackets) and get easily agitated. They are more dangerous to people because of the highly potent poison in their stingers. Both of these species tend to build their hives in the trees or shrubs.


Mud dauber wasps have thin waists and build their hives in the mud. They aren’t really threatening but should be avoided, as they can attack if they feel in danger.

Paper wasps are relatively harmless. They are docile and beneficial for the gardens because they eat fruit-eating flies and insects. Their hives are usually located in trees and shrubs, but in an urban area, you may find their homes, for example, in the doorways, which can be problematic.

Yellow jackets are the most common type of wasp. They are the most typical, with their black and yellow stripes. Yellow jackets are aggressive and hostile, and they protect not only their nests but also all the food they claim for themselves.

Bee Hive and Swarm Removal Costs

Every situation may be different. The final costs of bee removal depend on the size and the number of hives, the type of bees, the severity of the infestation, the chosen technique, etc. We offer a free consultation that can give you an idea about how much you will pay for getting rid of your bee problem. Contact us, and one of our experts will come to your property to determine the next steps of the process and provide a cost estimate.

Las Vegas Bee Removal Services

If you have spotted any bees or wasps on your property, stay cautious and contact us. Whatever the species, it’s risky to ignore them, and even more dangerous to try dealing with them on your own. Las Vegas Bee Removal Services are here to keep you from any harm.

Bee Removal

Where Do We Provide Our Bee Removal Services?

We offer our high-quality pest control services in North Las Vegas, Henderson, and even Boulder City. Contact us today, and we can schedule a free consultation. If it’s urgent, we can also offer same-day services. We’re a team of experienced Las Vegas technicians who will help you to make your home or business safer. We’re proud to serve these communities and beyond:



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