4 Mistakes Nevada Homeowners Make That Attract Mice

Fall is approaching and we are not the only ones ready for cooler weather. As temperatures drop, mice will be active in finding a place to cozy up, and your Nevada home might be just the spot if you don’t take action to avoid it. Las Vegas Pest Control is here to share 4 common mistakes Las Vegas homeowners make that attract mice and how to prevent it from happening.

1. Having Cluttered Areas Around Your Home

Clutter is a big attractor of mice, and that’s because a cluttered spot in your house is the perfect nesting area for mice. It allows them a sheltered space to hide and live under your roof. The best way to declutter your home is by going into areas that you don’t often keep up. Whether this is your basement or attic, take some time to pick things up off the floor so that mice don’t make their home in yours.

2. Your Home Being a Food Source

Mice will not only need shelter in your home but also food. So, what food attracts mice? The answer, really, is just about anything. From going through garbage that hasn’t been taken out to dirty dishes in the sink, mice aren’t picky eaters. Cleaning your home of crumbs and stains on the floor will be helpful, and be sure that all of your food is sealed properly in closed cabinets.

What Food Attracts Mice Outside Your Home?

Providing food inside your home is something you want to avoid, but also know what you might be providing outside your home. An open trash can or plants in your garden might attract mice. Bird feeders can also attract mice. Be aware of how you might be providing food in and outside your home and this will help deter mice.

3. Leaving Entryways Into Your Home

Mice are tiny, and they can really squeeze through just about any hole when determined to find food and shelter. If you have even a small hole or crack around your home by doors, windows, and foundation, a mouse can find a way in. Taking the time to seal all entryways into your home, no matter how small, is how to prevent mice from entering your Nevada home.

4. Tackling a Mice Infestation On Your Own

The fourth mistake homeowners make is by dealing with a mice issue on their own. If mice are attracted to your home and you discover signs of a mouse, the last thing you want to do is handle it yourself or worse, ignore it. If you spot mice droppings or gnaw marks around your home, call for professional help. Although there are some things you can do to get rid of mice, the most efficient and effective way is with pest control services. When you try to tackle a mouse on your own and the issue isn’t resolved, eventually more mice will be attracted into your home.

We Can Help With Las Vegas Mice Control

If you find yourself needing mouse control in Las Vegas, see how Las Vegas Pest Control’s rodent removal services can be a solution for you. Whether you have an existing mouse problem or want to take preventive action, our professional services provide effective mouse control in Nevada. Contact us today to help you avoid mice in your home.

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