5 Common House Spiders in Nevada

Nevada is home to a wide range of pests and spiders are no exception. If you think you have a spider issue brewing in your Las Vegas area home, learn about common spiders in Las Vegas with Las Vegas Pest Control.

1. Wolf Spiders

Wolf Spiders hunt for their prey using their sharp eyesight and strong bodies. Most are brown, gray, black, or tan with dark markings, such as stripes. They also range in size from 0.25 inches to over an inch.

They may look intimidating, but wolf spiders typically scuttle away when they are disturbed. In the rare case that they do unleash their fangs, wolf spiders’ bites are not a cause for concern. You may experience some pain and itching at the bite site, but serious reactions are rare.

2. Sac Spider

Often mistaken for brown recluses, sac spiders are common Nevada house spiders that hunt for smaller pests around your home. They have light yellow bodies with dark orange-brown coloring around their mouths. Sac spiders’ bites are venomous and damage skin tissue the same way recluses’ bites do, adding to the confusion between species.

3. Orb Spider

Black, brown, and orange with thick hairs all over their bodies, orb spiders are alarming pests to find in your Nevada home or backyard. Despite their unsettling appearance, orb spiders are more interested in biting flies, ants, and other insects than you and your loved ones.

Non-aggressive and non-toxic to humans, orb weavers act as natural pest control, spinning large webs to catch their prey. Unfortunately, homeowners often walk through these webs by accident, making orb weavers a nuisance.

4. Brown Recluse Spiders

While true brown recluses are not as prevalent in the Las Vegas area, desert brown spiders are. Just like their brown recluse cousins, desert brown spiders are tan or brown, with a violin-shaped mark on their backs. Their venomous bites can also damage skin tissue.

Brown recluses and desert brown spiders typically live outdoors, but they often find their way into homes through cracks and crevices. To help minimize desert brown spider or brown recluse issues, vacuum regularly, keep clothing off the floor, and schedule regular pest control services.

5. Black Widow Spiders

True to their name, black widow spiders are all-black, with a red hourglass marking on their abdomens. These unsettling spiders spin their webs in garages, dark closets, and near your home’s foundation, and can lay up to 750 eggs.

Black widow bites pose a serious danger for young children, seniors, and pets. Contact a healthcare provider if a black widow spider has bitten you or a loved one.

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