Are There Mosquitoes in Las Vegas?

If you live in Las Vegas or plan to visit soon, you might wonder what kind of pests you could encounter. Believe it or not, there are mosquitos in Nevada despite the hot climate. While mosquitoes are mostly viewed as a nuisance, they can cause negative effects. Learning how to identify mosquitoes can prevent you from being bitten and dealing with the side effects. 

What Are Mosquitoes?

Flying pests known as mosquitoes can be found all over the world.  Searching for blood as their food source, mosquitoes are notorious for buzzing around while you’re trying to enjoy the outdoors. Mosquito bites can cause an itchy red spot on your skin that can swell. While mosquito bites typically aren’t cause for concern, some mosquitoes can carry bacteria and viruses such as malaria and the West Nile Virus. 

How to Avoid Mosquitoes

Though it may seem impossible, there are a few ways to avoid mosquito bites. Following preventive measures can help reduce your chance of being bitten. Keeping yourself and your family protected from mosquitoes can prevent the spread of viruses and other bacteria.

If you happen to be bitten by a mosquito, wash the area with soap and water, apply an ice pack to reduce swelling, and then apply an over-the-counter anti-itch cream to relieve itching symptoms. 

1. Wear Mosquito Repellent

There are many mosquito repellants out there, including sprays, lotions, and tiki torches. Applying bug repellant can protect yourself and your children from these blood sucking insects. For repellant spray to effectively work, it’s important to apply the repellent before spending time outdoors, and to reapply frequently. 

2. Wear Long Sleeves and Pants

If you are in an area with abundant moisture or in a wooded area, you’re bound to run into mosquitoes. Wearing long sleeves, pants, and socks to cover your skin can help protect you from pesky mosquito bites. For example, if you are going camping, long socks and hiking boots are essential.

3. Prevent Excess Moisture

Mosquitoes thrive in areas with high moisture and humidity. Keeping items around the exterior of your home such as buckets, birdbaths, flower pots, and pools, can attract mosquitoes. Regularly cleaning out buckets or other items that you need to keep outside can help prevent mosquitoes from gathering outside your home. 

Mosquito Control with Las Vegas Pest

While there are ways to avoid and temporarily prevent mosquitoes, the only way to effectively treat mosquitoes is with professional pest control. At Las Vegas Pest Control, we provide sustainable mosquito control solutions to keep mosquitoes away for good. From initial inspection to preventative long-term pest control treatments, you can enjoy backyard BBQ’s without swatting away mosquitoes. Contact us today for a free estimate.

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