Watch out for Christmas Tree Bugs

As the holiday season swings into full gear, you have mistletoe, sugar cookies, Santa, and presents on the brain. But one thing you might not be planning for this year are Christmas tree bugs. 

Whether this is your first year with a real Christmas tree or you’ve decorated one your entire life, Christmas tree bugs can still come as a surprise.

Do Real Christmas Trees Have Bugs?  

How can real Christmas trees bring bugs into your home? Since freshly cut Christmas trees spend time outside before being trimmed with lights and ornaments in your home, they often become cozy spots for insects to set up shop. 

Once a fresh tree is brought into the warmth of a holiday home, these insects wake up and think spring has come early. A single Christmas tree could contain up to 25,000 bugs, so it is very important to take measures to prevent bringing these invasive pests inside. 

Which Bugs Live on Christmas Trees?

There are several types of bugs that may crawl out of your Christmas tree. Aphids are one type of Christmas tree bug commonly found on the lower branches of evergreens, balsam firs, spruces, Fraser firs, and white fir trees. The presence of spiders and mites can cause premature needle drop or leave small stains on your ornaments. 

Adelgids and pine needle scales appear white on fir trees while sawflies look brown. Bark beetles reveal themselves with small holes and sawdust trails left behind. Praying mantises can even top off the insect party by laying eggs that will hatch after being indoors for several weeks. A fresh-cut Christmas tree could introduce any combination of these insects into your home, where they will be more than happy to set up shop.

How To Prevent Christmas Tree Bugs

Thankfully, a few easy steps can ensure that more visitors don’t show up to your holiday party than were invited. 

  1. First, while choosing a tree, examine it carefully for any branches containing insects, egg cases, or bird nests. Cut away those branches before you take the tree home. 
  1. Next, it’s recommended that you leave your cut Christmas tree outside in the garage for a few days before taking it indoors. 
  1. Shake the tree vigorously to dislodge any bugs that may have taken shelter in the branches or on the trunk. 
  1. Once your tree is in the house, vacuum up any insects that fall off the tree to avoid them making their return. 
  1. Finally, use a safe pesticide such as neem oil to spray the tree and kill any leftover bugs. Avoid using aerosol pesticides as many are flammable. 

Prevent Christmas Tree Bugs with Las Vegas Pest Control

Most importantly, we at Las Vegas Pest Control want you and your family to have a happy and healthy holiday season. If you believe your home may have caught the Christmas “bug,” call us for a free estimate on pest removal. We offer high-quality pest control services in the Las Vegas area that even Santa and his reindeers can’t provide. Contact us for a free estimate today!

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