Do Termites Hibernate in the Fall?

During the fall season we may find that some pests are no longer a problem, but do termites hibernate or are they active in the fall? Unfortunately, termites are active all year long in Nevada and are always something homeowners want to avoid no matter the season. Las Vegas Pest Control is here to help you understand the problems and signs associated with termites and how best to avoid or control a termite infestation with our Nevada termite control.

Termites in Nevada

When it comes to the types of termites found in Nevada, most homeowners have issues with subterranean termites and drywood termites. Termites are typically small insects, so if you have termites in or around your home it might take some time until you actually spot one. While some termites prefer to live underground and others prefer wood above ground, both types can cause problems and stress for any homeowner in Las Vegas.

Are Termites a Serious Problem?

No matter the type of termite, this species can cause very expensive damage whether it be in or around your property. Termites may not affect your health like other pests, but they will destroy any wood inside your home. Additionally, termites can destroy items outside your home as well such as firewood deposits and patio furniture. Generally, once a homeowner discovers termites, serious damage may have already occurred.

Signs of Termites

How do you know if termites are active in your home this fall and winter? Well, there are a few signs that hint to active termites. One thing to be on the lookout for is discarded termite swarmer wings. Swarmers are adult insects that are winged, and if you spot their thin wings it might just mean you have a termite infestation.

Do termites swarm in the fall?

While subterranean termites typically swarm in the warmer summer months, drywood termites usually swarm during the fall season. In the fall months, it is therefore perfectly common to encounter termites in your home.

Nevada Termite Control

Understanding that termites are active in winter and fall in Nevada, how do homeowners avoid these pests from damaging their homes? Due to the type of destruction termites can cause, a termite infestation is not something a homeowner can handle on their own. Professional services truly are the only way to prevent or get rid of termites for a long-term solution.

Find Termite Control with Las Vegas Pest Control

If you are searching for Nevada termite control, see how Las Vegas Pest Control can help. Whether you want to take preventive action with a termite inspection or if you have an existing infestation that needs to be handled correctly and quickly, our professionals know how to use the best treatment for your situation. Contact us today to learn more about our Las Vegas termite control.

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