Fire Ants: Menace of Las Vegas Kitchens

There’s one kind of heat you want in your kitchen, and it doesn’t come from fire ants. These small, reddish-brown ants can become quite a pain, sometimes literally, if they infest your home or business. 

A fire ant infestation is difficult to control for a few reasons. Fire ant colonies tend to be very large and extensive underground, containing several thousand ants within one colony. These colonies also often have multiple queen ants, so killing or removing one won’t solve the problem as quickly. 

How Do Fire Ants Get In?

Like many creatures that infest homes, fire ants seek warmth and comfort. This often results in them hiding in places like a fireplace, warm kitchens, or hollow areas of stone. 

As omnivores, fire ants love to scavenge your kitchen for crumbs of food leftover from dinner or your latest baking exploit. Or, if you have any stored food that’s easily accessible, they may find dinner in your pantry. Fire ants are also known to use their strong jaws to eat other insects and sometimes even small mammals or reptiles. 

Do Fire Ants Sting?

As many will tell you, fire ant stings aren’t fun. Humans may experience fire ant stings, though they’re really more like a bite. If you’re stung by a fire ant, you may experience a burning sensation. Some may even have an allergic reaction to the fire ant bite and should seek medical attention if experiencing extreme symptoms.

How To Identify Fire Ants

How can you tell if an ant infestation is from fire ants or a less harmful species? One clue to look for is the size, shape, and coloring of the ant. Red fire ants are named for their reddish-brown color that appears everywhere but on their abdomen, which is a translucent, brown-black color. 

One specific species of fire ant is called the desert fire ant. This species is the reddest of the fire ant species and has one of the widest distributions, found across the southwestern parts of the United States. Fire ants also appear much smaller than a regular ant, ranging in size from .005 inches to .2 inches.

The easiest way to identify a fire ant is by its behavior. These ants are active in the morning and later afternoon, build their colonies on the ground, and quickly swarm anything that disturbs their nests. 

Protect Your Home From Fire Ants With Las Vegas Pest Control

If you think your home may be infested with fire ants, or you want an expert to take a look at your home to prevent a fire ant infestation, contact us at Las Vegas Pest Control. We offer ant extermination services that will help safeguard your home from pests like the irritating fire ant. 

Las Vegas Pest Control is here to help keep your home and family safe from fire ants or any other pests that may come around. Call us today for a free estimate! 

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