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Cockroach Extermination in Las Vegas

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Where Do We Provide Our Services?

We offer our high-quality pest control services in North Las Vegas, Henderson, and even Boulder City. Contact us today, and we can schedule a free consultation. If it’s urgent, we can also offer same-day services. We’re a team of experienced Las Vegas beekeepers who will help you to make your home or business safer.

Say Goodbye To Your Cockroach Infestation

If you live in Las Vegas, you have probably run across cockroaches. They are the most common pests around the world with over 4,000 species. Roaches have a reputation for their capability to endure anything. They are among the most troublesome pests that resist eradication. It is almost impossible to eliminate a cockroach infestation unless you are a pest control professional.

Some cockroach species can remain active for 30 days without eating, can go without air for over 30 minutes, can survive in water for 30 minutes, and can survive radiation up to fifteen times the fatal dose for human beings. As experts in survival, cockroaches can prove a stubborn problem. Thought to have existed for over 200 million years, there are around 4,000 species of the bug across the world. 

At Las Vegas Pest Control, we have the knowledge and experience to deal with any type of roach problem you may have. Although they can be difficult to eradicate, we offer effective solutions and guaranteed service. Our full service is customized to eliminate any type of cockroach invading your space and prevent them from returning.

Professional Nevada Cockroach Extermination Services

las vegas cockroach control

There are many pesticides now available to buy over the counter but they don’t guarantee successful removal. Cockroaches are able to live in very hard-to-reach places while some species have become resistant to certain chemicals. This makes the task of eliminating them far more complex than that of many other pests. Because of this, we take great care during each of the four stages of pest control.

Cockroaches and Diseases

Cockroaches are associated with poor hygiene, filth, and dirt. Their feeding and nesting mean they can ingest and carry various pathogenic microorganisms, including fungi, bacteria, viruses which can contaminate surfaces, food, packaging and lead to food products deterioration or illnesses. 

Cockroaches can spread various diseases. However, cockroaches are not direct vectors of diseases. Transmission happens indirectly, through contact or consumption of contaminated items. They play a supplementary role in spreading diseases. Cockroaches are proven carriers of microorganisms that cause the following diseases:

  • Cholera
  • Typhoid fever
  • Salmonella
  • Dysentery
  • Leprosy
  • Plague
  • Giardia
  • Gastroenteritis
  • Listeriosis

Cockroaches also carry bacteria that cause other serious infections – not necessarily referred to as diseases. 

Cockroaches also cause asthma and allergies. They have certain proteins in their bodies that can be allergic to certain people. When small particles from their bodies are spread through the air, the proteins are inhaled and can trigger asthma attacks in sensitive persons. Cockroach shed skins, saliva and feces can as well cause asthma and allergic reactions. 

Types of Cockroaches in Las Vegas

Las Vegas climate is conducive for cockroaches. Although winters are wet, they are not freezing enough to kill cockroaches. 

cockroach removal in vegas

In Las Vegas and the surrounding area, only four main species commonly cause problems.

  • Dark American cockroach (known as the palmetto or water bug)
  • Oriental cockroach (black beetle)
  • German cockroach
  • Australian cockroach

The American Cockroach

This is the largest cockroach species in Las Vegas. They are reddish-brown. They normally live in dark and humid places and can be found in bathrooms, kitchens, subfloors, and roof voids. A mature American cockroach can fly. They are large and therefore easy to spot. 

The Oriental Cockroach

They are dark brown or brown and shiny. They are also referred to as water bugs because they normally live in sewer and drainage areas. 

The German Cockroach

They are light brown and are the smallest of the cockroaches found in Las Vegas. They are easy to identify by two dark longitudinal stripes on their pronotum. They also have wings, but they don’t fly. They are mostly found indoors and are active at night. During the day they hide in cracks and other dark places. 

Cockroach Lifecycle

Although every species of cockroach has its estimated lifespan, cockroaches live for one year on average. Their lifespan depends on factors such as food availability, climate, and habitat. On average they can live for one week without water and one month without food.

vegas cockroach removal

Cockroaches have 3 developmental stages – egg, nymph, and adult. Eggs are hatched on ootheca (casings) where they are protected from the environment as they develop. Eggs become nymphs, and nymphs go through different stages until they reach maturity. Certain species grow wings while others don’t.

Cockroaches reproduce quickly – when you see one, you will want to contact Las Vegas pest control immediately. In case you are seeing several of them out in the open, they are probably many more infesting your property. Certain females cockroaches mate only once, but they will remain pregnant the rest of their lives.

Licensed Cockroach Extermination Solutions

Our pest control Las Vegas specialists are highly trained to eliminate pests from their source. With expertise in treating both residential and commercial properties, we employ a range of methods to ensure maximum effectiveness. We also carefully document everything we do and strive to educate as well as exterminate.

Inspections – Before any remedial action is taken, we first assess the extent of any infestation. This is to identify which pest is present and where they are located throughout your premises.

Treatments – Having formulated a clear plan through an in-depth assessment, appropriate solutions can be applied. We have a range of chemical and non-chemical products at our disposal. This provides plenty of options to tailor your treatment as efficiently as possible.

Follow-up checks – We always make secondary visits to search for further signs of activity. These re-evaluations are fundamental to our service and will include further action, if required.

Prevention measures and recommendations – At Las Vegas Pest Control, we don’t just aim to eradicate vermin. We believe a quality service includes taking measures to reduce future problems occurring.

Highly-Trained Las Vegas Pest Control Technicians Give You Exceptional Results

If you see a cockroach, there are likely to be many more hidden nearby. Not only are cockroaches able to survive almost anywhere, but they also have a fast rate of reproduction. As a communal animal, roaches have a tendency to live in large groups. This means a large population can quickly grow in any given place.

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With a reputation for being dirty and unhygienic, nobody wants to be associated with a cockroach problem. For this reason, we operate with absolute discretion to protect your image within the local community. Our fast results will also help contain the problem and minimize the amount of damage caused.

Prompt Pest Control Services in Nevada

For a free quote or no-obligation consultation, get in touch now to speak to one of our trained advisers. As specialists in Cockroach removal, we pride ourselves on the thoroughness of our results. We also take the time to help you with preventative measures to stop the problem from returning.

Schedule Your Guaranteed Pest Control Services Today

We are so confident in our professional cockroach services in Nevada that we guarantee every treatment. If you find live pests in your home after treatment, or if you are unsatisfied with your services for any reason, we will come and retreat your home for free. If we find an issue with quality, we will be right there on your doorstep to help remedy the problem. You can count on us to get the job done right, and protect your home long-term!

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