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Las Vegas Cricket Control

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Lynne C.
If your Las Vegas home hasn’t ever been infested by crickets, then you probably think that they aren’t particularly dangerous or problematic pests. Although crickets don’t pose physical threats and rarely do they spread diseases, it doesn’t mean that they are completely harmless. Depending on the cricket species, they might damage your clothes, books, and other chewable objects, or they could ruin the plants in your garden.
But the worst part about crickets? Their chirping. It might not seem that terrible, unless it is your home in Las Vegas that became infested by crickets. After a day of non-stop chirping, you’ll consider temporarily moving anywhere else, granted there won’t be any crickets there.

Cricket Habits

If, before discovering a cricket in your kitchen several days ago, you’ve only encountered those pests while outside, you might be wondering what it is that this loud specimen is doing here. No, it’s not the Art Deco interior design that attracted it; instead, your Las Vegas house is an excellent source of food.
Sure, there’s plenty of it outside as well, but your home offers protection from predators as well. And there’s another thing that attracts crickets: lights. If you leave your windows open while it’s dark outside and turn the lamps on, you might discover that the chirping has gotten noticeably louder. It could mean that the pest is now in your house.
Alternatively, you might discover those weird-looking insects in your house, and it might not be apparent right from the start that they are crickets. Often, they are mistaken for grasshoppers. However, the chirping of grasshoppers has a lower pitch than that of crickets. You could also think that the insect that has gotten into your house is a spider, though you’ll become aware of your erroneous assumption once you witness that it’s capable of jumping nearly 3 feet into the air.

Are Crickets Dangerous?

Insects with this many legs are never welcome in our houses, but apart from the mere disgust and even possibly hatred, you might be curious as to whether you should also feel fear toward them because of the diseases that they could carry. The answer is: yes and no.
If you touch a cricket, come into contact with its feces, or it bites you – which is thankfully rare – painful sores could develop on your skin. However, it is important to note that they aren’t actually dangerous, meaning that your life won’t be threatened. If you live in Las Vegas, NV, you might want to have some peace at least in your home.
Unfortunately, if crickets get into your house, your feelings toward those insects will quickly intensify, and they certainly won’t be positive. If you don’t take any actions, you could even notice that due to the incessant noise and stress, your mental health has started deteriorating.

Pest Control - How to Deal with Crickets in Las Vegas

Initially, you might not take the matter too seriously, especially if only just a single cricket is in your house. Unfortunately, with time, your mind will find the sound more infuriating, and you might find it difficult to focus on anything productive. What are the basics of pest control if your home in the Las Vegas area gets infested with crickets?
  • Make sure that there aren’t any crevices in the foundation of your house that could allow crickets to get inside.
  • Finding those pests in your home could take quite a lot of time, especially if you haven’t decluttered it in quite a while. The solution? Get rid of the unnecessary furniture and items so that crickets won’t have many places to hide.
However, we must note that a female cricket that gets into your Las Vegas, NV home could lay more than 100 eggs. As you can imagine, your own attempts at pest control could be not enough.

Is Your Home Infested With Crickets? Contact Us!

If you want to get rid of crickets from your home, you should contact our company. Our pest control specialists have years of experience in getting rid of all types of insects from Las Vegas homes. We are perfectly aware of how big of a nuisance having crickets in your home can be, which is why we’ll use any necessary methods to make sure that your Las Vegas home is crickets-free, and you can finally have some peace instead of having to hear the constant chirping 24/7.

It doesn’t matter if there is only a single noisy cricket somewhere in your attic or whether there’s plenty of them in your entire house – the sound could quickly get infuriating. If you get in touch with our pest control specialists, you’ll find out that getting rid of those insects isn’t impossible. Throughout the years, we have helped families with all kinds of pests problems, and thanks to the experience, we know how to make the process as quick and effective as possible.


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