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Las Vegas Scorpion Control & Exterminators

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Both humans and animals have a primal fear of scorpions which is totally justified. At the least, they can give us a nasty sting and, in a worst-case scenario, prove fatal. They are especially dangerous to children, the elderly, and pets, but even a healthy adult can be allergic to a scorpion sting and suffer more adverse effects.
Las Vegas offers the perfect breeding ground for these critters, with its dry days and cool nights. If you’ve turned on your kitchen light and noticed a scorpion lurking about or found one in a shoe or sneaker, it’s time to hire a Las Vegas scorpion extermination company.
Call 702-675-914 and speak to one of our friendly pest control experts to get a free quote. We’ve over 20 years of experience providing pest control services to North Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City.

Scorpion Infestations in the Vegas Area

If you see one scorpion in your house or on your property, you are guaranteed that there are more around, and your home is probably infested. A female bark scorpion, which is the most common in Las Vegas, can give birth to 20 or more nymphs (as baby scorpions are called). This type of Las Vegas scorpion also travels in packs of 20 to 30 scorpions in winter, so they won’t arrive at your home alone. They won’t be dying off anytime soon either, as they typically live for six years.

Home scorpion infestations should be dealt with by Vegas area professionals; DIY solutions will likely produce short-term results. These critters are believed to be able to withstand a nuclear apocalypse, so amateur attempts at scorpion extermination will probably prove ineffectual!

How Dangerous is a Scorpion Sting?

In most cases, a scorpion sting won’t be severe, but you’ll certainly know you have been stung; the pain is instantaneous and excruciating. The scorpion primarily uses its sting as a neurotoxin to paralyze its prey. But when it is cornered or feels threatened, it will use its sting against a perceived aggressor.
If a young child is stung, the Mayo Clinic suggests seeking immediate medical attention. The venom can also cause increased heart-rate and a rise in blood pressure, so if an elderly person is stung, they may need to be checked by a medical professional.
For most healthy adults, if you are experiencing regular symptoms, they should pass in a while. The typical symptoms are intense pain and sometimes swelling. Other symptoms can include stomach pain, vomiting, dizziness, and headaches. Usually, the symptoms will have gone within 24 hours; if the victim has more severe reactions such as difficulty breathing, muscle twitching, or slurred speech, then get them to the emergency ward as soon as possible.
For most people, the treatment should be to clean the area of the sting and optionally use an ice compress to numb the area and take some pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.

Common Types of Scorpion found in Las Vegas NV

There are over 70 species of scorpions in the United States, but not all of them pose a threat to humans. In the Las Vegas area, there are around 25 types of scorpion though most of them are not harmful. Unfortunately, living in Nevada, we are home to the only species in the USA that is deadly to people and pets.

Bark Scorpion

Despite its small size – 1-2 inches long, this is the most dangerous scorpion in the USA and is the type you’ll most likely run into in Las Vegas. Its color varies from a yellow-tan to a dark golden brown. These pests prefer cool, dark places and are great climbers, so check your ceilings and walls.

Desert Hairy Scorpion

While the desert is its natural habit, this type of scorpion is at home in residential neighborhoods as well. This is the largest species found in America at around 5 inches in length.

Stripe Tailed Scorpions

This type of scorpion isn’t difficult to identify as just as its name indicates, it has a striped tail which is a similar length to its body, around three inches long. It’s also known as a devil scorpion.

How To Get Rid of Scorpions in Las Vegas

Scorpions are dangerous creatures, so we recommend that you use a professional pest control service if you want to guarantee your family’s safety. You might be able to remove a few scorpions yourself but not necessarily the whole colony.
There are preventative measures property owners can put in place to reduce the chance of scorpions, and that’s by making it harder for them to hide. You can do this by sealing cracks in your doors and windows, keeping your lawn cut short, and checking any items that you bring indoors to ensure that the bug isn’t hitching a ride!

Scorpions are a mostly nocturnal pest, so the best time to find them is when they are active at night. You can do this by using a blacklight flashlight for hunting them down. The black light makes them glow in the dark, and once you’ve located them, you can remove them carefully!

Scorpions feed on insects and even on other scorpions, which is a good reason to use a pest control service to provide a holistic situation. The fewer other bugs you have in your home, the less reason for scorpions to hang around. A good Las Vegas pest control company can deal with all the other critters as well, providing you with a pest-free home.

Why Choose Us for Scorpion Pest Control?

When you use our pest control technicians for scorpion removal and extermination services, you’re in good hands. We guarantee satisfaction and have been serving local property owners from North Las Vegas to Boulder City for over twenty years. You can read the top ratings our business has received for pest control on all the review sites.

If you need help with your scorpion control problem or just want to learn more about scorpion control, call our friendly customer service to request a free quote on 702-675-9148.

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