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Scorpions (Scorpiones)

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Types of Scorpion in Las Vegas, NV

There are over 70 species of scorpions in the United States, but not all of them pose a threat to humans. In the Las Vegas area, there are around 25 types of scorpions and most are not harmful. However, Nevada is home to the only species in the country that is deadly to people and pets. Luckily, Las Vegas Pest Control provides effective scorpion control solutions.

Bark Scorpion

Despite its small size of one to two inches long, the bark scorpion is the most venomous scorpion in the United States and the only species with a deadly sting. Its color varies from a yellow-tan to a dark golden brown. These pests prefer cool, dark places and are great climbers, so check your ceilings and walls.

Desert Hairy Scorpion

The desert hairy scorpion is the largest type found in the United States, ranging up to five inches long. While the desert is its natural habit, this type of scorpion is at home in residential neighborhoods as well. This scorpion can be identified by its dark body, yellow legs, claws, and tail. They earned their name by the nature in which they approach their prey. They use the hairs to detect prey and sense chemicals given off by their prey.

Stripe-Tailed Scorpions

The stripe-tailed scorpion isn’t difficult to identify, as just as its name indicates, it has a striped tail which is a similar length to its body, around three inches long. It’s also known as the devil scorpion. These scorpions are a bit smaller, ranging around two inches in size. They are venomous but less dangerous than other types of scorpions. A sting from a stripe-tail scorpion is similar to a bee sting.

Signs of a Scorpion Infestation

If you see one scorpion in your house or on your property, there is a good chance that there are more around. A female bark scorpion, which is the most common in Las Vegas, can give birth to 20 or more nymphs. This type of Las Vegas scorpion also travels in packs of 20 to 30 scorpions in winter, so they won’t arrive at your home alone. They won’t be dying off anytime soon either, as they typically live for six years.

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Scorpions feed on insects and even on other scorpions, which is why they can be a difficult pest to control. The fewer bugs you have in your home, the less reason for scorpions to hang around. When you lean on the pest professionals at Las Vegas Pest Control, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your home or business will be pest-free and protected from future infestation. Give our team a call or fill out our contact form for your free quote or to schedule an inspection!


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