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Termites in las vegas

Not only can termites be destructive, but they are also incredibly stealthy. Their ability to enter your home or business and create a colony without notice is the reason they are difficult to control. Burrowing inside walls and in the foundation of buildings allows them to create terrific hiding spots. 

The best way to combat termite damage is to be prepared and take precautions to prevent infestation. Oftentimes, termite damage isn’t identified until significant damage has already been done. Luckily, at Las Vegas Pest Control, we have sustainable pest control treatments that can help prevent termites from stepping foot on your property.

Types of Termites 

There are two types of termites typically found in Las Vegas: drywood termites and subterranean termites. While both types of termites are drawn to wood, they have a few different characteristics and behaviors that set them apart. Knowing which type of termite you’re dealing with can help you control the infestation quicker.

A drywood termite

Drywood Termites

As the name indicates, this species of termite usually lives in dry wood. Once drywood termites are in your home, they can chew through floors, walls, and support beams in your home. Their cream-colored bodies and large wings make them easy to identify. They live in smaller colonies, so they cause damage at a slower rate.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites live in loose soil and are the most common and destructive species in Las Vegas and across the country. While they are the most destructive, they are also the smallest species of termites. You can identify termites by the pale color of their body and dark head. These termites are attracted to dry and damp wood and build nests below ground.

termites crawling around in a piece of wood

How To Check for Termites

Termites swarm in the summer to look for new places to settle. If you see winged bugs appearing from soil or wood or even notice discarded insect wings around your doors or windows, it can be a good indication of termite infestation. 

Another sign you’ll commonly find if the termites are already entrenched is blisters in wood flooring, which could appear to look like water damage. You might also notice mud tubes outside your home. These are tunnels the termites make to travel from the food source to their colony. You can destroy these tunnels, but it won’t completely eradicate the termite infestation. 

Termite Elimination in Las Vegas

While there are DIY pest control methods out there, they are rarely sustainable. Don’t deal with termite infestation on your own. Our pest control professionals at Las Vegas Pest Control have the tools and expertise to quickly identify termites, remove them from your property, and prevent them from returning. Request your free quote today or schedule an appointment by filling out our form online or giving our team a call.


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