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Las Vegas Pigeon Control and Removal

Some people love birdwatching, and it’s no surprise – certain bird species can look truly majestic. However, when it comes to pigeons, they are usually just a nuisance. 

Although a single pigeon wouldn’t be likely to cause any harm, if it discovers that there is an abundance of food and a perfect place for a nest on the roof of your house or your company’s building, you might have to deal with a flock of pigeons soon.

It doesn’t mean that you are alone in this fight – we’ll be happy to help you ensure that your property remains clean and safe. Contact us, and our professional pigeon control services in Las Vegas will help you get rid of those pesky pigeons.

Where Do We Provide Our Pigeon Services?

We offer our high-quality pigeon and pest control services in North Las Vegas, Henderson, and even Boulder City. Contact us today, and we can schedule a free consultation. If it’s urgent, we can also offer same-day services. We’re a team of experienced Las Vegas beekeepers who will help you to make your home or business safer.

Common Pigeon Habits and Preferences

Flock of pigeons

Understanding pigeon habits is essential if you want to get rid of those birds for good. Pigeons are non-migratory birds, which means that if they find many sources of food in your area, and a suitable nesting place, they’ll stay there all year round. 

On average, a female pigeon has about five babies a year. Unless you get rid of the problem quickly, the flock of pigeons will get pretty sizable, making it harder to remove it.

Pigeons eat grains, fruits, seeds, but also small insects and snails. Although you might find the way pigeons bob their heads when they walk cute, we strongly advise against feeding them. 

That’s because they will come in larger numbers later, and contacting pigeon control services will become necessary. In Las Vegas, NV, it is illegal to feed pigeons since 2018 – they create a mess, and their acidic droppings can even damage buildings.

Expert Pigeon Waste Cleanup

Dealing with pigeons isn’t easy, but here at Las Vegas Pest Control, we have the necessary experience to deal even with the most severe pigeon cases. Our effective pigeon control services can help rid your home or business of these pesky pests. When you trust us with your pigeon control needs, our technicians will:

  • Work with you to address your main concerns
  • Take specialized photos from your roof
  • Provide you with a proposal and free estimates
  • Use spikes on ledges to deter pigeons from roosting
  • Treat your home with special pigeon netting
  • Provide quarterly trappings to keep the birds at bay

What Are Low Visibility Bird Spikes and How Do They Work?

Pigeon spikes are used to prevent birds from perching on buildings. Although they look dangerous, they don’t actually injure or kill birds. Instead, they are used as a method of controlling pigeons and birds by deterring them from coming close, e.g., to the roof of your house.

Long-Lasting Protective Netting

Although bird spikes are a popular pigeon control method in Las Vegas, NV, there’s more! If you have pigeon problems, a bird net will prevent those flying pests from nesting on your property. At the same time, it is a very humane method of pigeon control – the birds aren’t harmed in any way.

Pigeon Trapping

If you have a problem with those “flying rats” in the Las Vegas area, you might be interested in another pigeon removal technique, which involves trapping the birds in cages. How is it done? That’s simple – we place bait inside the cage with a one-way entry door that would encourage the birds to venture inside. 

It isn’t that hard – pigeons, just like humans, love to eat. When our trick proves successful, and a pigeon flies inside the cage, we wait until more birds enter the trap. That’s why, when using this pest control method, we are always generous with food, or the trap might work only for a single ravenous bird.

Exclusion Screening

Exclusion screening is yet another method of bird control that is used to prevent pigeons from damaging your property. It makes it impossible for birds to access small spaces – e.g., under the solar panels on the roof, so that you wouldn’t need to worry about the damages.

Scare Tactics

A simple way to scare off the pigeons from your property in Las Vegas, NV, is by using hawk or owl decoys. There are models available on the market that move and emit noises, making the illusion more believable. This way, birds won’t realize that there’s not much to be afraid of.

Schedule Your Las Vegas Pigeon Control Services Today

We pride ourselves on providing consistent, efficient results for our customers during each and every service. If you are not completely satisfied with the results of your treatments, we will happily return to your home and retreat free of charge. Contact us if you’re ready to schedule your Las Vegas pigeon control services.  

Our commitment to your satisfaction sets us apart from our competitors and keeps our customers coming back year after year.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Some people feel hatred toward pigeons; others don’t mind them when they aren’t near their property. However, when it comes to the subject of pigeon control and removal, there are some misconceptions. Below you will find answers to the most common question about pest control and removal in Las Vegas.

Many property owners in Las Vegas, NV write to us asking whether pigeons and other birds can damage their solar panels. The short answer is: they could. Pigeons and other bird pest species nest under solar panels because they seek protection from the scorching Las Vegas sun. Unfortunately, if they decide to nest there, their droppings, if not removed, could, in the long run, damage the roof, and consequently, damage the solar panels too. On the other hand, if the pigeons just perch on solar panels for a couple of moments, there’s no need to worry about any damage.

The methods used for pigeon removal and bird control are humane, and we attempt to minimize the suffering of birds. Although some of these methods, such as bird spikes, might look dangerous, the goal of pest control services is to discourage pigeons from nesting on your company’s building or house, which could easily cause property damage.

Although pigeons won’t outright attack you, it doesn’t mean that they cannot be dangerous in other ways. The droppings of this pest species often carry dangerous diseases, such as salmonella, ornithosis, or toxoplasmosis. Apart from that, bird control can also save you from smaller pest species, such as mites and fleas, which they often carry.

As we have previously mentioned, pigeons can be dangerous to humans, but that’s not all – they can also cause structural damage to buildings as well. That’s because their droppings are highly acidic, and over time can damage roofs, especially if it’s not a single bird but rather an entire flock. It means that pest control can help you save money on repairs.

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