4 Signs of a Growing Roof Rat Infestation

Few things are more repulsive than the idea of rats in your home. From their long tails and beady eyes to the diseases they unwittingly spread, these rodents have countless traits that make them less-than-ideal houseguests. Recognizing the signs of a roof rat infestation can help you nip this problem in the bud before your home becomes overrun.

What Are Roof Rats?

Roof rats are brown with some black coloring and undersides that range from black or grey to white. They generally measure about 16″ long and weigh five to 12 ounces. You might guess from its name that, as a good climber, this type of rat gravitates toward high places. Roof rats often make their way into the upper reaches of homes and businesses seeking comfort and shelter. Unfortunately, roof rats are also talented chewers. Their teeth grow continuously, and chewing helps keep growth in check. Electrical fires sometimes occur as a result of rats gnawing on wiring.

4 Signs of Roof Rats

1. Live or Dead Rats

Spotting one or more rats is one of the most obvious signs of roof rats in the house. These rats tend to hide from people, and they usually appear as overpopulation forces them into plain sight. However, a lack of rat sightings doesn’t mean you don’t have a rodent problem.

2. Droppings

If they find enough food to eat, rats will make themselves at home in your house. Droppings are another of the major signs of a roof rat infestation. So, what are roof rats eating? Anything they can find. While these rodents are drawn to attics and the upper parts of a home for their warmth, they’re even likelier to stick around if they find an abundant food source.

3. Gnaw and Scratch Marks

Wiring may be the worst thing rats will chew on in your home, but it won’t be the only thing. Rodents will gnaw on just about anything in a bid to file their teeth, from plastic pipes to wood. Your cabinets are fodder for both their dental hygiene habits and their appetites, so you’re likely to find scratch mark-laden boxes and chewed plastic jars inside.

4. Grease Marks and Rat Runs

Grease marks are some of the grossest signs of roof rats in the house. The rodents often leave behind grease marks or dirt on floors and along walls. Outside, you may find paths, called rat runs, that show where roof rats have foraged for food. They tend to use the same trails over and over, making them easy to spot. These items can attract roof rats to your lawn:

  • Birdseed
  • Beehives
  • Tree nuts and seeds

Make your property less hospitable to these invaders by inspecting your lawn regularly for anything that will attract roof rats and other pests to your home.

Other Ways to Prevent Roof Rats

Whether you see signs of roof rats or just want to prevent them from darkening your door, try these tips to help keep these and other pests away:

  • Trim branches away from the house
  • Replace worn weather-stripping and caulking
  • Store food in airtight containers or in the fridge
  • Seal off gaps, holes, and cracks around your home’s exterior

Get Roof Rat Control Now

Signs of a roof rat infestation should never be ignored. Call a trusted pest control professional immediately to eliminate infestations and prevent future invasions. Las Vegas Pest Control offers more than 20 years of pest management experience. Our effective, family- and pet-safe treatments are backed by a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee. Call our friendly team for assistance, or request a quote online today.

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