How to Identify and Treat Roof Rats in Las Vegas

Amid the pest species that could invade your Las Vegas house, roof rats are among those that are the hardest to get rid of. That’s because they are omnivorous, don’t need much to survive, and if you don’t solve this problem in a timely manner, you’ll soon discover that they also multiply pretty quickly.

If you are wondering what could cause an unexpected invasion of roof rats, and how to prevent such a situation from happening, then read on – we’ve got the answers!

Roof Rat Infestation in Las Vegas Homes

Protecting homes from robbers is much easier than making sure that pests don’t find a way inside. That’s because rodents, such as roof rats, are small, extremely agile, and can find a way inside through vents, damaged roofs, chimneys, or even windows. If you hear a suspicious noise coming from your attic in the late evening, the cause might not be ghosts but roof rats.

Unfortunately, though checking your attic when it’s late might be a scary experience, even if you discover that there are no supernatural forces at play, there might be a group of black, brown, grey, or white rats scurrying through it. However, if you ignore this issue, or wait too long to deal with it on your own or by contacting pest control experts, what will ensue might be truly horrifying. That’s because roof rats multiply extremely quickly, and what was just a nuisance 2 months ago could now be a nightmare.

What Causes Problems With Roof Rats in Las Vegas?

Now, you might be curious as to why those roof rats got there in the first place. Is your house really a perfect home to rodents? Before we answer this question, we must point out that roof rats are omnivorous. Because of that, they’ll be perfectly happy to eat fruit, leaves, tree bark, or stems, but also small insects or snails. Though roof rats can be found in almost all corners of the United States, they are especially common in the Southern states, but also in Las Vegas, where the temperature is high. Still, why did they end up in your house? Well, there are several reasons why rat infestations in Las Vegas Valley are not a rare occurrence.
Even though roof rats are experts when it comes to surviving in a hostile environment, your home offers them protection from the elements but also from snakes, owls, or other birds of prey that are their natural predators. Because of that, they’ll be able to multiply even more quickly in your home, as it offers safety.
Though after a quick inspection of your home you might be under the impression that there aren’t any holes through which a roof rat could get inside your home, chances are, you are underestimating how agile those small rodents are.
A roof rat might have chosen to go inside your house because of the abundance of food that can be found there. Even if there aren’t piles of food on your kitchen’s floor, it doesn’t mean that those small rodents wouldn’t find something to eat. A few crumbs under the kitchen table, a tiny piece of an apple, or a few seeds in the corner of your room could be a delicious feast to a roof rat.
However, keeping your home tidy and throwing trash out regularly might not be enough if you are already dealing with a roof rat infestation. We would recommend buying airtight food containers so that the rats won’t be able to find any food in your home. Apart from that, make sure that there aren’t any leaks in your home, as roof rats also need water to survive, and you shouldn’t make things too easy for them.

Las Vegas NV Pest Control Services

Unfortunately, even if you make sure that there aren’t any cracks or holes through which those rodents could get into your Las Vegas house, they might still find a way. Though limiting their access to food and emptying trash cans in a timely manner should be among the first steps that you take after discovering that you are dealing with a roof rat infestation, it won’t be enough.

Considering that those rodents multiply extremely quickly, we recommend contacting our rat control specialists in Las Vegas, who will take the necessary steps to make your house rodent-free. It doesn’t matter how serious the situation is – throughout the years we’ve been dealing with all types of pest infestations, and we know how to get rid of the problem quickly and efficiently. If you have found a small group of those rodents in your attic – don’t hesitate, contact us, and you’ll see why our clients trust our pest control services.

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