5 Reasons to Avoid Doing Your Own Pest Control

From building your own deck to upcycling old furniture, DIY solutions can help you trim your household budget. When it comes to keeping bugs and rodents at bay, though, it’s best to call in a pro. If you’re tempted to do your own pest control, read on. We’ll explain how DIY pest control can put your family, pets, and property at risk.

1. Health Risks

With so many over-the-counter bug killers on the market, you might be wondering if you should do your own pest control. While some products may be safe when used as directed, others can put your family and pets in harm’s way. For example, pets can get sick after eating bugs killed by certain insecticides or ingesting chemicals due to improper insecticide application.

2. Safety Risks

If you don’t follow the manufacturer’s instructions to the letter when applying insecticides, you could inhale a blast of chemicals, absorb them into your skin or contaminate food. Here are some other DIY pest control hazards to avoid:

  • Handling chemical irritants
  • Taking risks by trying untested methods
  • Getting too close to stinging insects
  • Biting bugs and dangerous rodents or wildlife

While questionable DIY pest control techniques can be dangerous, ignoring the problem can be just as harmful. For example, an untreated rodent problem could put your family in harm’s way. Mice and rats are known to gnaw through everyday household materials as a way of trimming their continuously growing teeth. As a result, countless house fires have been started by rodents chewing through electrical wiring. Pest control professionals can quickly find and eliminate perilous infestations.

3. Property Damage

When considering professional pest control vs DIY options, the question “Does pest control work?” is sure to cross your mind. One of the biggest DIY pest control hazards is their ineffectiveness. Most OTC insecticides are temporary fixes. They may eliminate the occasional pest you actually see. 

However, spotting a bug or rodent is usually the tip of the iceberg. Killing a pest or two does nothing to eliminate an infestation, and the peace of mind they provide could make you complacent about a potentially costly problem that will worsen dramatically if left untreated.

4. Lack of Equipment

Pest control technicians are armed with professional equipment and supplies to do a safe, effective job every time. From targeting pests with highly precise sprayers to protecting themselves with heavy-duty gloves and goggles, they have advantages the average resident or business owner lacks.

5. Lack of Experience

Extensive training provides pest control technicians with the knowledge they need to protect your home or business. On-the-job experience enhances their understanding of how pests are able to wreak havoc on our homes and workplaces. Here are some skill sets that help the pros prevent and eliminate infestations:

  • Understanding behaviors of wide-ranging pest populations
  • Avoiding unsafe practices and preventing costly or wasteful mistakes
  • Knowing what, how much and where to apply professional-grade insecticides and traps

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